Kashyap Foundation

Assisted Living Facility - The Need

There is decline in the birth ratio year after year and the longevity of elderly living is growing. This results in more elders living in a society who needs to be cared by the young society. This Serious Human, Social and Economic Problems needs specialized Attention.

Since the joint families were already gone and all the nuclear family head is running behind money earning race, it became impractical to care personal life and their surroundings. Nevertheless to say the stress level and other allied family and social related problems faced by present young people, which are further adds issues on elder´s care.

It is understood by all that in traditional family living, caring the elders prevailed as part of the system. In the old system of employment, circled with in the town or village, caring was much easier by family members on their elders. However due to globalization, every earning person is geographically detached from their home. This resulted in poor understanding of others and day by day human values and respect started shrinking.

After leading a dignified life and completing a responsible innings by the yesteryears earners, strugling for proper & timely food, medical care, assistance in their day to day living, looking for social respect, etc are some of the top needs of today´s elders.

Running cost of elderly living should be reduced to possible level and their pride in being independent be continued to eradicate their ill feeling about being with an old age homes. Kashyap Foundation is exclusively formed for such Dignified Elders who has financial strength and needs assistance for their day to day living, with all top class standards by redefining the concept of Joint Living.

Along with the promoters, many good people strengthen the human network which the company builds simultaneously, which is considered to be the strongest power in the world. In each step the company marches forward, there are many supporting heart behind – with out them nothing would be possible.

With the wide range of knowledge and experience the Company has completed sizable projects in Chennai with full customer satisfaction. The Company would be focusing on many medium level projects in and around Chennai and would always serve the correct people with top class standards.

Team Concept Homes takes this opportunity to thank all its supporters, well wishers and advisers who adds values ever.