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Our moto

Our vision for a better future for us.

Emerald green fields of rice stretch as far as the eye could see with patches of mature paddy undulating in the gentle breeze. The landscape is dotted with mango orchards; in the evening village goatherds sing their lilting songs as they herd their flocks home. In the midst stands a castle that is truly a dignified home for elders.

We are not attempting a crude translation of verses from Tamil literature but portray a true to life description of a wonderful elder care facility “Kashyayp Foundation”. Faithful to its name, kashyap Foundation is a beautiful and verdant facility dotted with coconut palms, mango and guava trees and hundreds of flowering shrubs. The double-gated facility is very secure and is monitored by CCD cameras round the clock. The word theft has been successfully erased from Kashayap’s vocabulary! The administration is top notch, very centralized and the senior management is involved on the day-to-day operations hands on. The facility is cashless, no employee can accept tips thus largely stemming out favoritism and every employee as far as we could observe and hear is treated equal. This Institution is run with a missionary zeal. From top to bottom the number one concern of the facility is the welfare of the residents. It is heartwarming to see one and all show genuine concern, love, and compassion for the elderly.

Members are housed in blocks and each block is home to a dozen residents. The rooms are thoughtfully furnished with built-in spacious closets, and flat screen TV. Each block is complete with a dining hall where residents can meet for meals rain or shine and interact as much or as little as they wish. The block becomes a resident’s de facto family. Paved walking trails runs through the property for elders to walk or stroll on wheelchairs. The facility is very clean and the housekeeping staffs keep the place in tiptop shape. Tasty south Indian vegetarian meals are prepared in a centralized kitchen and brought to each block on time. The menu changes daily and is prepared in consultation with a dietician. The dining hall staff keeps an eye on a resident’s food consumption and reports it to the management if the intake drops. If a resident does not show up for a meal the staff knock on the door to ensure that the resident is all right. I stayed there for 12 days and did not suffer from any GI problem after consuming the food!