Kashyap Homes

Bibhaajit Hospitality Private Limited

An Indian Company Incorporated During 2015 Under The Indian Companies Act 1956, Having Its Prime Object to Deliver Quality Homes to Class of People.

Having its core principle as quality and comfort, it Started Gaining Goodwill from Its Customers since its Initial Days. Timely Delivery and Post Sale Services along with the Level of Proficiency, Commitment towards Its Swear, Logical and Practical Approach in Solving the Necessities of Customers are few Reason for the Company’s Raising.

Along with the promoters, many good people strengthen the human network which the company builds simultaneously, which is considered to be the strongest power in the world. In each step the company marches forward, there are many supporting heart behind – with out them nothing would be possible.

With the wide range of knowledge and experience the Company has completed sizable with full customer satisfaction. The Company would be focusing on many medium level projects and would always serve the correct people with top class standards.

Team Kashyap Homes takes this opportunity to thank all its supporters, well wishers and advisers who adds values for ever.