1. Where is “Kashyap Foundation” situated?

“Kashyap Foundation” is situated at a distance of 12 Kms from Ghaziabad and 40 kms from New Delhi Railway Station and 60 Kms from New Delhi Airport.

2. What is the principal objective of “Kashyap Foundation ”?

“Kashyap Foundation” is having a vision to work for the elders of society and strives for the betterment of second half life of the elders.

3. Is “Kashyap Foundation” an Old Age Home?

Not exactly, it is meant for the senior people who wish to lead their leisurely living life on their own. However the result of seniors becoming Members would result in as an Old Aged Community.

4. How is “Kashyap Foundation” different from Old Age Homes?

Old Age Homes Kashyap Foundation
It only accommodates old people who could not be managed by their family members or who are ignored on economical or physical grounds It accommodates self dependent people who can lead their life financially and physically while they become a Member. When age goes they may become physically dependent.
It focuses on food and living space It provides secured ambiance at an affordable cost under the concept of “Home Away from Home”
Majority of the old age homes runs on donations and public contribution and they are managed under charity Runs on Membership and on cost basis adding social respect in living as owner.
It affects the social respect of a family head, if they put their old aged family members in old age homes It gives social respect and pride since the cost is met.
Many of the old age homes lack professional set up Run with professionals and by a corporate
It is always managed with set of volunteers and honorary team Managed with paid staff force
No in–house employment opportunity Opportunity for in–house employment based on their ability and skill

5. Whether Retirement Villages and Assisted Living Centers are same? How Kashyap Foundation is unique?

No. Post Retirement Living can be broadly classified in two categories viz. 1. Self-Depended Living and 2. Assisted Living. One can opt for Retirement Villages during the first part of their living and should switch to second part of their living when assistance is needed. Retirement Villages are sold to individuals with certain terms and conditions. Assisted living is the living period between home and nursing home. But in our view running cost of retirement villages along with assisted living facilities will be very much on the higher side.Kashyap Foundation is the hybrid version of both Retirement Living & Assisted Living for elders. One can decide their life to live in peace right from the beginning of the retirement

6. Will you sell the residential units at Kashyap Foundation?

No. The basic purpose for forming Kashyap Foundation is to serve the dignified seniors at their golden period. Selling the residential units and serving them on cost basis may not work out in long run, since the ownership is transferred. This will create inconvenience to the Management in effectively delivering their goal. Issues will arise on legal grounds as well as on personal grounds with various individuals. The responsibility of the Kashyap Foundation and its ambition, goal will be defeated at one point and all the good efforts will become meaningless. Moreover, at the golden period of a person it is not advisable to own any immovable assets in their name, which may create further complications and inconvenience for their peaceful living. Living as time shared ownership is the best way at this living periods. Hence it is firmly decided by the Management not to sell its residential units.

7. What are the situations in which an individual needs Kashyap Foundation’s support?

  • Individuals who wish to stay away after their children’s marriage
  • Individuals whose children are either living or settled in other States of India or in any other Country
  • Individuals who wish to attach themselves on serving human society
  • Individuals who wish to live in peaceful and secured ambiance after their retirement
  • Individuals who have not married and become seniors
  • Couples who do not have any children or persons to care.

8. Can a Member be expelled from “Kashyap Foundation”?

The cause of running “Kashyap Foundation” is to care and serve seniors for peaceful living. It is implied that every Member shall cooperate for its smooth running. No one should give any sort of trouble or inconvenience to others in any manner within Kashyap Foundation. The Appraisal Committee will make periodical report about the various activities of every Member. The Management reserves the right of warning, taking corrective actions and if needed expel the Member from “Kashyap Foundation”.

9. What is considered to be Negative Remarks on the Conduct of a Member?

To illustrate, following are the examples of incidents which will be considered as Negative Remarks from Management’s point of view.
  • Damaging the assets of “Kashyap Foundation”
  • Indulging in fraudulent activities while handling the roles of employment
  • Involving in theft of any kind with anyone
  • Involving in frequent quarrels with others
  • Not abiding by the terms and conditions of the Management
  • Couples who do not have any children or persons to care.

10. What if the self–declaration regarding the ailments of a member is found false after joining Kashyap Foundation?

It may become a cause for termination of membership by the Management. The Management reserves the full rights on this issue.

11. Any Dress Code within Kashyap Foundation?

There is no specific code. But the dressing should give comfort to other members. No member shall move around in bare body or with towel etc.

12. Do you arrange for organ donations like eyes, heart etc? Explain about this.

Yes. Those Members who are interested in donating their organs will be introduced with the respective institutions that are authorised for this purpose. Volunteers from such institutions will be in touch with interested members and Kashyap Foundation will take the necessary steps in fulfilling their wish subject to feasibility and situation prevailing at the time of a Member’s demise.

13. Is there any facility for Ritual performance?

Yes, a dedicated reserved space is available within “Kashyap Foundation” for performing the rituals based on the need of the respective Member on cost basis. The required Member should inform the Management well in advance about their need and expectation for such performances.