1. What does it mean by Life Time Membership? How is it different from ownership?

Life Time Membership means, one will be a member with Kashyap Foundation till they are alive. After the demise of the member, the refundable deposit will be returned to the nominee mentioned as on the latest date. The member holds Life Time Entitlement at their wish, without owning the property in their name.

2. Who can join “Kashyap Foundation” as a Member?

Any Indian Citizen, male or female, who has completed 45 years of age, who can function independently, having sufficient financial ability to meet out both for the present and future cost of living as well as the unknown cost which may arise due to health issues, can become a Member in “Kashyap Foundation”.

3. My spouse is below 45 years. Can she / he become a Member?

Yes. There is no minimum age restriction of your spouse if your age is more than 45 year.

4. What is the expected level of Code of Conduct of a Member in “Kashyap Foundation”?

  • Individuals with Clean Habit, Good Behavior, Etiquette, Moral & Social Responsibility
  • Persons from a respectable family back ground, who executed and delivered all their responsibilities rightly during their service period
  • Individuals, who can Understand, Cope–up and Co–operate with others.
  • Persons who can accept and follow the healthy rules and regulations of “Kashyap Foundation”.

5. Would there be any difference among Members with respect to their category of Membership, Social Status, Past Achievements etc?

Strictly No. There will be nil discrimination within “Kashyap Foundation” with respect to the category of Membership, Religion, Caste, Race, Culture, Language, Color, Status, Social, Economical and Political heights. All are equal and those Members who can afford to take more space can change their plan. It is purely their personal choice and no undue benefits would be extended to different category of Membership.

6. What are the restrictions for becoming a Member in “Kashyap Foundation”?

  • Persons with any Type of Communicable Disease(s)
  • Persons Ailing from any Type of Major and/or Complex/Venereal Disease(s)
  • Person of Insane or Unsound Mind
  • Any Person who was Either Punished by any Court of Law or Arrested or Imprisoned for any Fraud, Offenses or on Charges or Against Whom any Pending Complaints Laying with any Police Station, or Against Whom any Trial before Civil or Criminal Court or Any other Authority is pending anywhere either within or outside India

7. Explain the process and procedure of becoming a Member of “Kashyap Foundation”?

  • Visit the Authorized Representatives/ Corporate Office/ Kashyap Foundation and Understand the Procedures including the Terms and Conditions to Become as A Member of “Kashyap Foundation“
  • Get to Know the Tentative Admission Time from Kashyap Foundation
  • Submit the Application along with Background Verification Charges
  • After the Successful Background Verification, Undergo Medical Screening From our Panel Doctors at Your Cost
  • After the Successful Medical Screening, Make Payments Applicable to the Category of your Membership as Advised by the Management
  • Execute the Contract of Membership, Nomination Form etc.

8. Can I take the membership in advance?

No. However you can register yourself under “Soon After Membership”, if the probable date of taking up the membership with Kashyap Foundation is beyond a period of six months. This can be done by paying the part of refundable deposit. You will be given first priority for admission while you opt to become a member later.

9. Does advance booking guarantee admission in Kashyap Foundation?

Yes. Subject to fulfilling the terms and conditions prevailing at that time of admission.

10. Can I decide the joining date?

Yes. Six months clear advance intimation is required. However if availability is there, you may join early.

11. What will happen if I am unable to join on the date given by you?
You may choose another date with six months gap. However if availability is there, you may join early.

12. Can a member cancel the membership voluntarily?


13. What if a member cancels the membership before joining Kashyap Foundation? Will you return the refundable deposit and joining fee that was collected during admission?

A member can cancel the membership even before joining Kashyap Foundation as per his/her will. The lock-in period for the refundable deposit will end as per the terms of the membership agreement. In any case, the joining fee remains non-refundable.

14. A member first decides to cancel the membership before joining Kashyap Foundation and intimates the Management. There after decides to join Kashyap Foundation. How will the lock–in period for the refundable deposit be considered?

The lock–in period for the refundable deposit in any case would be as per the membership agreement.

15. A member first decides to cancel the membership after joining Kashyap Foundation and intimates the Management. There after decides to continue with Kashyap Foundation. Can a member do so? How will the lock–in period for the refundable deposit be considered?

Yes. The existing member can do so for one time. However if they do so for the second time then they will be considered as a new member and they lose all their existing benefits, facility provided exclusively to such membership. They shall follow all the formalities, which are applicable to a new member, excluding background verification, medical checkup process. In case of any additional deposit payable by the member due to the fresh membership they shall pay the same along with difference in the joining fee . The lock–in period for the refundable deposit would be as per the new membership agreement.